Amanda K Bridal 2017 Campaign

Amanda K Bridal 2017 Campaign | Olivia Bossert Photography

Did someone say dream job? Yep, I think they did! When Amanda of Amanda K Bridal, in Truro, asked me whether I would work with her on shooting her 2017 campaign, I was over the moon. One of my goals for 2016 was to shoot more bridal work, and the fact that in that year I’ve not only fulfilled my goal, but also shot for one of the biggest bridal shops in the county… well, I couldn’t be happier. After months of discussion, we shot these images on a September afternoon at Tredudwell Manor, near Polruan. The images you see here aren’t the actual adverts that Amanda will be using throughout 2017, as those obviously need to be kept under wraps, however these are some of the beautiful outtakes that we had from that day  — yes, it was hard to choose the four final images!

Kendall was an incredible model, and after working with her over two years ago, it was nice to see how much we’d both grown. When I first worked with her, I was fresh out of university, not entirely sure what I wanted to do with myself, and Kendall was two years younger… what a difference time makes! I also goto to work with make up artist Stacey Cremin again, which was so nice. Hair was created by Sam Hooper of Capella Hair in Truro, and what an amazing job she did! A huge thank you also to Tredudwell manor for letting us use their beautiful venue as the backdrop to the images.

The four campaign images will be released throughout the year of 2017, so stay tuned for those! In the mean time, enjoy browsing though all of these images, which I love equally as much.


Amanda K Bridal 2017 Campaign | Olivia Bossert Photography
Amanda K Bridal 2017 Campaign | Olivia Bossert Photography Amanda K Bridal 2017 Campaign | Olivia Bossert Photography
Amanda K Bridal 2017 Campaign | Olivia Bossert Photography


4 Personal Goals for Autumn

4 Personal Goals for Autumn

There’s something about a new season kicking in that feels a bit like a fresh start. Some people love the New Year, and don’t get me wrong, I do too, but I like to break my year into small chunks. Life just feels a bit more manageable like that. Remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago about setting goals. Well, in honour of that post, I thought I’d set myself a new challenge: to set myself seasonal goals. Or not even “goals” as such, but a short to do list of things that I want to do each season, which I will share with you all!

  1. Give Calligraphy A Go: I attended my lovely friend Alex’s wedding last weekend, and I was amazed by how much beautiful calligraphy she had done all by herself. Alex spent months learning the art just for her wedding day, and it struck me what a lovely skill she now had… for life! She completely inspired me, and now I’d like to give it a go myself. I’ve already taken my first step and bought a book called “Nib + Ink” by Chiara Perano from Lamplighter London. I haven’t ordered my nibs or penholder yet though… so watch this space!
  2. Even More Photoshoots!: I am feeling SO inspired right now, it’s unreal. But more than that, I’m feeling incredibly motivated. I’ve been watching lots of behind the scenes videos of photoshoots, looking at far too much of the work of my favourite photographers, and just letting my mind wonder. I’ve been writing down every single idea that comes to my mind, and have started to make plans to put some of them in place. For a long time I’ve let the fact that I live in Cornwall, which is so secluded from the industry up in London, really get to me and feel like it holds me back. But thanks to some research, and some creative thinking, I’m finding that there’s no reason for it to hold me back one single bit. Watch this space!
  3. Create A Solid Business Plan: Back to my photography here, but I recently enrolled myself in an online business course, created by Jenna Kutcher. I discovered Jenna a few weeks ago, and was intrigued immediately by her course. There are SO many courses floating about on the internet promising that if you follow their steps, you’ll be making millions of pounds in weeks. It’s so easy to get sucked in, and I held back for a long time (bar one mishap where I signed up to something and immediately regretted it… I cancelled that subscription sharpish!). I kept an eye on Jenna’s things for a while, and after a webinar, I was finally convinced that her course was the one I wanted to try. Its been wonderful so far, and I’m taking my time with it. I have a tendency to rush through things like this out of pure excitement, but I’m really doing my best to take all of Jenna’s advice on board, and mould it into what fits me and my business.
  4. Go for Autumnal Walks!: It’s so cliché, but autumn is so beautiful. Just as Spring is colourful and Summer is warm, Autumn has that golden light to it that I adore so much. I might be colder, and windier, and even rainier, but if there are golden afternoons and evenings that I can be outside to enjoy, I’ll be out enjoying them (and probably taking lots of photos again, lets face it).

There you go. It’s a short list, but I think it’s varied enough, and gives me a few little things to focus on. I’m a firm believer in taking small steps in the direction of where you want to be, and I know that if I set myself too long a list of things to do, I’ll never get them done. So hello Autumn! I’m excited you’re here.

My Favourite Youtube Channels To Watch

My Favourite Youtube Channels To Watch

I don’t know how it’s taken me so long to get this post written; I’m the queen of wasting time watching Youtube videos! I was mega late to the Youtube party. No, I’m serious, I didn’t know that Youtube was “a thing” until 2014…late 2014. I mean, I knew Youtube existed, and you could watch silly cat videos, or cute puppy videos on it, and I was aware that make up tutorials were on there, but I didn’t realise just how much of a following Youtubers had. Maybe I was living under a rock, and god knows how I went so long without realising how awesome Youtube was considering that I spend so long on the Internet all day long… but I did.

Thankfully, those days are long gone. On a cold, rainy afternoon, I was doing marketing research for Atlas, when I stumbled on the Youtube page of a girl you might have heard of…Zoella? I didn’t know who she was. I didn’t realise how big a deal she was, but I began to watch her videos and remember thinking how cute she was. I was sucked right in, and before I knew it, the day was over, I’d subscribed to a million channels (not really) and had a brand new addiction to add to my already long list of addictions!

It’s been two years since that fateful day, and I can happily say that I’ve now got a healthier relationship with Youtube. I don’t waste hours at a time watching videos, and I only watch the videos that really interest me. I do still love to discover new Youtubers though, so with that in mind, here is a list of some of my favourites to watch (WARNING: It’s a long list)!

  1. The Anna Edit

    Anna is the most beautiful and relatable woman ever. With quite a wide range of content from beauty, fashion, lifestyle to cooking, I always love what she produces.
  2. Alex Centomo

    The Instagram queen, this girl gives me so much hair envy, it’s unreal. She’s clearly clever, and loves what she does, and I really enjoy her hair tutorials the most!
  3. Lydia Millen

    Lydia grows on me with each video she produces. She only really got serious with Youtube this year after years of blogging, but I’m glad she did. Her videos are always beautiful to watch. On the more luxury side of things, she’s interesting and aspirational, for sure.
  4. Stephanie Toms

    I’m perhaps a bit biased because Steph is such a good friend of mine, but this girl has grown in confidence SO much in the past few months, I’m so proud of her. Her video content is growing stronger by the day, and her make up tutorials are incredible.
  5. What Olivia Did

    If you’re after outfit inspiration, Olivia is the one. Her blog is one of my favourites, but she began to focus more on Youtube this year, and I’m so happy she has! Her lookbooks are like music videos, and they’re always so cute.
  6. Amelia Liana

    Focused primarily on beauty and fashion, I love Amelia’s channel. She does include the odd lifestyle video too, and her recipe videos are great. A recent favourite was a “Get Ready With Me” featuring her sister and her mum. They’re the cutest family!
  7. Carly Rowena

    Carly has to be the goddess of fitness. She’s got abs of steel, and she’s such an inspiting, uplifting person. Her one song workouts are incredibly useful, and there have definitely been days when I’ve not  left the house at all, but have taken 15 minutes to do a few of her workouts. Try them!
  8. Estée Lalonde

    gain, I’m a bit biased because Estée is a friend of mine, but her videos are so good! She’s probably the first person that got me properly hooked onto Youtube. I can also vouch that she’s as cool in her videos as she is in person. I love her empowering Fem Talks, her beautiful but very achievable beauty tutorials, and her and her boyfriend Aslan’s Vlogs always make me smile.
  9. Harry Hitchens

    A boy! Harry is a recent addition to my subscription box, but I subscribed because of his “Feel Good” videos, which he uploads weekly and show his weight loss journey. They’re lovely, uplifting, inspiring videos, and he’s definitely a filmmaker to keep your eyes on.
  10. In The FROW

    Oh my goodness, what can’t be said about Victoria from In The FROW? This girl is seriously the rising star of the “influencers.” In my personal opinion, she’s going to be the next biggest thing online. She’s beautiful, incredibly hard working, very, very clever, and she just knows how to make beautiful video content, as well as blog content. If you’re already following Victoria, get on it… now!
  11. Jasmine Star

    Jasmine is someone specific for the business/photography world. I’ve loved her photography work for years, but more recently I’ve also been tuning into her business advice videos. She’s incredibly talented, and knows so much about the business of photography… and she shares it so openly! If you’re a photographer or aspiring one, definitetly check out Jasmine’s videos.
  12. Kate La Vie

    Kate La Vie is extremely well known for her blog, but also for her interiors photos. Her home is stunning, and I don’t doubt you’ve pinned at least one image of her home to your pinterest boards! Her recent house tour video made me drool.
  13. Matt Day

    Another photography channel. Matt Day shares tips on using film cameras, reviews on them, and just chats about all things cameras. The camera geek in me can sit and watch video after video and end up one eBay crying at the cost of analogue cameras!
  14. Negative Feedback

    Surprise! Another photography channel (can you see a trend here?). George’s channel is also dedicated to film, but I love it. I never got taught analogue photography at school or university, so in order to learn, Youtube has been my go to. It’s channels like these that don’t let me give up!
  15. Niomi Smart

    iomi is extremely popular on Youtube, and you probably already follow her… but there’s a reason she’s so popular. She’s lovely to watch, always so positive, beautiful and happy. I love her recipe videos, and generally just like to watch her content. It’s always uplifting.
  16. Tally Rye

    ‘ve followed Tally on Instagram and Snapchat for a long time, and always loved her on those platforms. She’s a fitness blogger, and personal trainer, and preaches nothing but balance, which I love. If you’re after workout videos and a more weight lifting focus, Tally is your girl. I love her!
  17. Zanna Van Dijk

    Zanna is another fitness favourite, and I’m such a fan girl of her. Zanna films her day to day, what she eats, how she trains, as well as plenty of videos about how to lead a healthy life. Her book is coming out next year and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

So there you go! A *long* list of the people I love to watch the most. I’m sure that I’ll continue to discover more Youtubers as the years go by, so I’ll be sure to do another one of these posts. In the mean time, why not aide a girl’s addiction and leave your suggestions in the comments bellow; who should I follow next?!

My Uniform and How My Personal Style Has Changed

My Uniform and How My Personal Style Has Changed

I feel like everyone has an outfit that they just gravitate towards. One that, no matter what day, season or how they’re feeling, they’ve got something that they like the look of, feel comfortable in, and reach for all the time. This is mine, and it has been for the longest time. I love shirts, particularly checkered shirts. I have for as long as I can remember, and I’ve got quite a few of them now. Whenever I see them in shops, I’m always tempted, and I definitely find myself having to hold back. Why do I love them so much? I have absolutely no idea. But I do… in fact, I’m wearing one now! Not the one you see in these photos, as I’m typing this a couple of days after I took these images. Regardless, I love shirts.

(Side note: it’s so easy to accidentally type a different word instead of shirt…rhymes with pit…)

My Uniform and How My Personal Style Has Changed

I didn’t really realise until recently how often I ended up in a shirt + jeans combo. But I began to think about what outfits I end up wearing most often, and I am 100% definitely a jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal. But in my case, more of a check shirt and jeans kinda gal… and I really don’t mind!

It can be really tempting when you write a blog to want to put on a bit of a persona and show off outfits that are a bit of a statement, just because they’re more interesting. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that that just isn’t me… at least, not anymore.

When I was in my teens, I was very experimental with fashion. I read loads of magazines (I still do…) and loads of blogs (I still do…) and I really tried to copy the looks I saw. I loved experimenting, and I really didn’t mind too much what people thought. It was fun! When I turned 17 though, I started to date a new boy, and he had quite a particular way he liked women to look. He would often tell me that my outfits weren’t nice, or that he didn’t like something, so over time (we were together 4 years) I found myself being less and less daring. It’s sad for me to think about that, because looking back I really wish that I hadn’t let him impact on me so much. I should have been stronger and stood up for what I wanted (and left him way sooner than I did) but I was young, and easily influenced.

My Uniform and How My Personal Style Has Changed

The way I dress now has changed again. I’d say I’ve found a happy balance now. I’ve gone back to experimenting with how I dress more. I try new things, but I’m also conscious of my body type, and wanting to flatter it. Do I think you shouldn’t wear something because it doesn’t “flatter you?” Absolutely not! You rock what ever you want to rock, girl. But I’m aware of myself, whether I feel comfortable or not, and if I like something, I’ll wear it! It also helps that my boyfriend, Tom, is the sweetest, and actually likes when I try something new (and he’s never once told me I look bad in something, so… I’m keeping this one!).

So this brings me back full circle. I love a shirt and jeans. It’s my “working at home” outfit. It’s what I put on when I want to look nice, but feel comfortable, like I’m able to move, like I can rock up to a lunch with friends and look nice, but equally lounge around at home. It’s my go to. If I want to dress it up, I’ll throw on a hat and some cool boots. If I want to dress it down, I’ll pair it with these Girlfriend jeans from GAP (the comfiest jeans you’ve EVER worn in your life!). It just works for me.

What’s your uniform and how has your style changed over the years? I’d love to know!

My Uniform and How My Personal Style Has Changed

Shirt: H&M (old) Similar here
Jeans: GAP
Shoes: Musto X Clarkes (old)
Bag: Spice Falmouth
Necklace: Uneeka

My Uniform and How My Personal Style Has Changed

Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?

Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?

It occurred to me this morning that I produce all of these photoshoots, yet most people probably have no idea what work goes into producing a successful photoshoot…so I thought I might enlighten you! Everyone has a different way of working, but in my case, I’ve got a bit of a process. Things change depending on who the shoot is for, and what the basis of the shoot is. So let’s dive in!

Who’s the shoot for? The images you see here were shot just over a week ago for Claire Headdon! Claire is a bridalwear designer based in Falmouth, and an extremely talented one at at that. I adore her work, and we’ve known each other for a few years now. I was lucky enough to work with her in April for my first ever bridal shoot, and I’m so grateful to her for letting me borrow her dresses that day! Claire approached me in August, explaining that she needed the samples of her dresses photographed so that she could do a sample sale, and asked if I could shoot them for her. Of course, loving all things bridal, I said yes.
Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?

Where will the shoot be? As this was a client shoot, I asked Claire where she would like the dresses to be shot: on location, or in studio? In this instance, Claire was interested in a studio shoot. That made things pretty straight forward, as I’m lucky enough to have a space big enough in my apartment to accommodate a studio set up. I push all our furniture aside, borrow some lights from Falmouth University, put up my backdrop (which I bought pretty cheaply here and here), and the studio’s good to go! If Claire had wanted to shoot on location, we would have had to discuss what sort of location she was interested in, and then it would be up to me to suggest places I know, or go out and look for them. Location hunting can be such a fun aspect of my job, but also a time consuming one!

Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?

What will the images look like? One thing that is extremely important in the pre production of a photoshoot is a moodboard. A moodboard is a collection of images in a folder, Pinterest board or on a piece of paper which gives an idea to everyone in the team of what the final images will look like. I’ll spend an hour or so before the shoot finding images I love, and coordinating with my client, in this case Claire, to come up with the perfect inspiration. In this case, the idea was to keep things minimal and clean, with a white backdrop in studio. I’ve made the moodboard that I created for this shoot public on my Pinterest page, so you can see it here!

Who Will Be the Model? Finding the right model for a photoshoot is one of the best and hardest parts of the job. Being down in Cornwall, we don’t have any model agencies to scout models from. If I was based up country in London, you can bet my job would be a lot easier; all I’d have to do is ring an agency and ask if they have any models available for “testing” (this is when a girl is new to an agency, and needs to build her portfolio – she works for free in order to gain the images she needs to book payed jobs). In my case, we needed to find a local girl. I’ve worked with plenty of amazing Cornish girls in the past, but I’m always looking for more. I put a post up on a local Facebook page, and that’s where we found Jessica! She was the perfect model, with the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen.

Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?

What will the hair and make up be like? I think you are all familiar with Ione by now, right? Ione and I worked together for the first time in March, and we got on well immediately. I loved her work, and being such a close age (she’s only a year older than me), in a similar stage in our careers, and with similar aspirations, we’ve worked together pretty much non stop since. She’s my go to with make up, and she’s a pretty incredibly talented hair stylist too! In some cases, clients will have clear ideas of what they want the hair and make up to look like. But if they don’t it’s up to me and Ione to come up with a plan, pitch it to our client, and make sure they’re happy with what we’ve got in mind. In this case, we kept everything very simple and clean. Claire’s dresses speak for themselves, and we didn’t want to overpower them with any over the top make up or hair!

Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?

Do we need accessories? Depending on the client, I may also need to source accessories, or in some cases, wardrobe. In this case, Charlotte Reed from Grace Baskerville jewellery approached me asking whether I required any jewellery for the shoot, and upon showing Claire her beautiful pieces, the job was made pretty easy for us! Charlotte came along on the day and added that little touch the shoot needed thanks to her jewellery.

Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?

When Will We Shoot? This stuff might sound basic, but another part of planning a photoshoot is all about planning the logistics. As the photographer, I’m pretty much the producer as well. When working for really big clients, photographers will most likely have an art director or producer working with them to organise things like this, but in my case, it’s just little old me. I coordinate with everyone coming on the day to ensure that everyone knows the date and time that they’re expected to arrive.

And then before you know it, it’s shoot day! I adore my job. I love that I get to plan the day, work with people I not only admire but love, and create beautiful images. I really hope this post has given you a bit more insight into what it is that I do day to day, and how much work goes into the production of a photoshoot! Let me know if there are any other things you’d like to learn about in the comment section below.

Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot? Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot? Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot? Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot? Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot? Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?

Ever Wondered What Actually Goes Into Planning A Photoshoot?